Cloud Hopscotch

Cloud hopscotch

Cloud hopscotch

Vendor selection, Project implementation, System integration, Process updates, Organization Change Management… are some of the key activities you will have to perform before you can take advantage from your Cloud HCM strategy.

Like Hopscotch there will be many steps before you can use your new Cloud HCM system.

Obviously Cloud computing and most of the HCM SaaS applications can be implemented in less time than On-Premise ERP systems.



Nevertheless it is highly recommended to concentrate on 10 key activities:

  1. Business Goals definition, Project Scope and Budget
  2. Vendor & Integration partner selection
  3. Contract, Data privacy & security, SOW and SLA (if BPaaS is included)
  4. Implementation methodology definition (Agile, SCRUM…)
  5. Project Preparation (Stakeholder, Project Team, Communication…), Project Governance rules and escalation path
  6. Organization Change Management methodology
  7. Business Operation Model definition
  8. System Integration and interfacing strategy with On- and/or Off-Premise legacy tools (Payroll, Time Management, Travel expenses…)
  9. Deployment / roll-out strategy definition
  10. User support organization & Change Request governance



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