Agile Project Implementation for SaaS tools

What changes with Saas tools for implementation?

With SaaS tools, at least some of them, it becomes easier to design mock-ups and build the to-be solution in an iterative mode. The traditional ERPs required structured implementation processes with a strong “Define” phase to make sure to design the business processes as required by the end users.

With SaaS tools it is permitted to design a first version (or V0) integrating the most important requirements but not all and deliver the results to the team members for check and improvements. Iterative work is then required to build the definite version. Iterative mode is the foundation of Agile Implementation Processes.

SaaS implementation with Agile Implementation processes allows more collaboration?

With an iterative approach and the ability to share mock-ups easily it is important to adopt more collaborative processes even with a larger audience. Not only HR experts can be (and should be) involved but also end-users like managers, early adopter employees.

The benefits of more collaborative processes for implementation?

The most important benefit for adopting more collaborative processes for implementation is the buy-in of the final solution. How many traditional ERP implementation projects have failed because the solution was not used correctly or even rejected when going live?

Using Agile Project Implementation Methodologies combined with collaborative “Design” and “Test” Phases increases the success of your project as Solution Adoption will be facilitated.

The below schematic compares Traditional vs. Agile Implementation Processes.

Traditional vs Agile implementation process

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