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Easy upgrades with SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors upgrades

Date : July 21st 2014

SuccessFactors is a Cloud / SaaS (Software as a Service) based tool for Human Capital Management. Like all Cloud tools upgrades are delivered to all customers at the same time if the SaaS tool is delivered in a multi-tenant framework. This is the case for SuccessFactors.

New features are made available to all customers without any intervention from end users. SuccessFactors delivers usually 3 new upgrades per year.

Sometimes it is necessary to load or update some data prior to use new features. In this case it is necessary to activate the new features when the data complies with the new requirements. This is notably the case for a recent upgrade which delivered the new SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Bank Transfer standard for 33 countries in Europe.

Activate new features

In the Administration Interface within SuccessFactors you get noticed when new features require your activation, here at the top right of the screen 9 features require your attention:

Admin upgrade number v3

Here is the list of all features classified by importance that need to be activated:

Admin all upgrade by importance

Let’s activate the SEPA upgrade. By clicking on the link you will get all information about the upgrade and tutorial video about how to implement the new feature:

SEPA Upgrade description

Confirm “Upgrade Now” and you will have a confirmation screen:

Upgrade confirmation









The upgrade is performed in seconds and you get a status message of your upgrade. You are noticed about the next steps if any:

Successfull SEPA upgrade

Video tutorial for next steps

You have access to additional information in order to complete your upgrade notably if you need to add or update employee data. Tutorial video are available to show you how to apply any changes you will need to perform:

SEPA Upgrade description

List of all upgrades

You can access the history of all your upgrade actions:

Upgrade history


As you can see activating upgrades are simple administrator actions and does not required costly upgrade project anymore. Obviously when a new feature requires additional data like the one shown above (SEPA) there will be additional work needed from end-users as usual.

New features requiring an activation can be launched whenever required by the customer.

The magic “Related Actions” button in Workday HCM

Date : July 5th 2014

The “Related Actions” button in Workday

Workday is an object oriented SaaS solution for Human Resources and Financial Management.

Each object like Workers, Job or Compensation data, Organizations, Business Processes… have “Related Actions”. This button is shown when “Related Actions” are available:   Related Action Button

This Magic button gives you access to related resources and actions. Here are some examples:

Related Actions from Employee object

When displaying an employee file the “Related Actions” is available next to the name of the employee: RA_NameOfWorker

As you can see there are many options and related actions you can chose from the list. Many of them even offer “sub-actions”. The related actions panel displays also a summary of some important data (i.e. contact information, Job or Location…)

Related actions from the Organization object

The related actions button is actionable from any data within the employee panel when it refers to another object. For instance the Organization to which the employee is assigned to is an object and has its own related actions:   RA_OrganizationRA


This particular related actions panel offers an access to view the Organization chart. To open the Org chart in a new Tab you can first right-click on the button and chose “See in New Tab”: RA_rightclickOrgChart

The Organization chart

This is the Organization chart screen:RA_OrgChartView

Again from this Org chart you can ask related actions for employees or organization objects. For instance you can start a Hire process from a given Organization by clicking on the Organization name:RA_HireBP_from_OrgChart

Related reports

In the related actions list you can access to a reporting section. Workday will offer you to list related reports available from the object you were displaying. For instance if you are displaying an employee panel the related reports will be linked to employees data:RA_ReportingEmployee

List of related reports (with filtering options) :RA_RelatedReportEmployee

Once the report is ran you can again use the related actions button to get additional information or start business processes (i.e. information about Time and Leave):RA_Report

Here is another report with actionable related actions (i.e. Report_ActiveEmployeesCost center information):


Other useful navigation possibilities and features

Search with prefix

When searching for objects in Workday you will type your words in the search text box. Any object containing your words will be returned just like in a Google search. Here is the result for searching the employee name “ajay”:Search Text Box

As you can see all objects containing the name “Ajay” are returned: the employee himself and the Organization object that Ajay is managing.

Now when you add the prefix “Worker: ” to the same search : “Worker: ajay” the result will be restricted to the employee only:Search with prefix

There are many other prefixes available like bp: for Business Processes.

 My Team view

From the employee main panel you can access to the team view thanks to this link:ViewTeam


This screen will be displayed and is called the Directory Swirl”. Again you can access to related actions when clicking on employee names:DirectorySwirl_RA_Worker

Compare team

Another nice action is the compare team report accessible from the related reports on any Organization object:CompareTeam

View Inbox

In your inbox you can review the past events and actions you have performed. Use the Archive tab to list all your actions. Any action can be displayed in detail and depending on the object you may have the possibility to “Rescind” the process:Inbox_PhotoChange