New Service Center feature since May 2014 release

Date : June 7th, 2014

SuccessFactors allows now employees to interact with their internal Shared Service Center. The feature is called Employee Central Service Center because it is part of the Employee Central module.

Basically the feature allows any employee to create new tickets which will be sent to a HR Help Desk. The requester can follow-up ticket resolution and also access a context-sensitive Knowledge Base (KB). KB search results can drastically reduce the number of tickets opened by employees, improves customer satisfaction and increases your Service Center performance.

New ticket creation

New ticket creation (Click for full size)

From the Service Center side tickets can be managed, routed to colleagues or 2nd-line experts, answered and closed.

Ticket view from customer service side (Click for full size)

Ticket view from customer service side (Click for full size)

A template with employee forms is delivered by SuccessFactors called “Ask HR“.

The following tools have been used to build this new feature (see also the comment below posted by Carrie Lande):
• SAP Cloud for Service
• HANA Cloud Portal

These tools will be bundled together (EC Service Center) and don’t need to be purchased separately.

 Link to Cloud for Service (SAP).

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2 thoughts on “Service Center support in SuccessFactors

  1. carrielande

    Hi – I am the solution owner for the EC Service Center. It is in preliminary delivery status, targeted for GA later this year. Regarding the solution, it is an add-on to EC. It will be a bundle that includes SAP Cloud for Service, HANA Cloud Portal and integration of these with SuccessFactors. So the customer does not need to acquire the separate elements. The solution is designed to be integrated with 3rd-party knowledge bases that use the Open Search capability.

    1. cloudhcm Post author

      Hello Carrielande, Thank you very much for your comments and information. I will re phrase my post and emphasis that separate components are not needed as it will be delivered as a bundle for Employee Central.
      By the way don’t hesitate to post any comments on this blog or even better in the LinkedIn “Cloud HCM” group:


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