OpenERP : Human Resources in SaaS and Open source like

What is OpenERP?

OpenERP is a SaaS tool with multiple applications including CRM, Accounting, Project Management, Web site management, eCommerce but also Human Resources. Human Resources application contains employee administration, Recruitment, Appraisal, Leave Management and also  Payroll calculation.

How does it work?

You create your company with a 15 days trial period and start installing application you need to manage your company. Installation is purely done in background, there is no need to download programs and install on your computer or server. Everything is directly managed by OpenERP.

Once your applications are installed (requires 1-2 minutes depending on the number of applications you choose) you can start to customize your company and applications. It is easy and you don’t need much explanations, except for Payroll rules setting.

Below are some screenshots about application installation and configuration.

Application installationCompany creation all applicationYou chose the applications you need for your company.

Once you have chosen the Human Resources application you can start creating employees. A first employee is created automatically for Administration of the company.Human ressources creation


Creation of a new employee

This page allow you to enter data for your new employee.

3_Employee Creation

If any of your picklist is empty when using the first time your application you can directly edit and create new items as shown below for the Tag field:

4_Create picklistHere is how you create new items in your picklist:

5_Create entry picklistAs well when you need to assign a company in your employee file you can add these object directly when editing the employee file:

6_Company creationWhen the employee is created you can add a picture. This is your employee listing:

7_Employee Rob Taylor created


Other basic configurations

Human resources basic configuration requires 2 tables: Departments and Job Positions.

Departments are defined hierarchically, each department can me attached to a parent department as shown below:

8_Department creation9_Department Structure

Job positions can be assigned to departments and number of expected recruitment can be defined:

10_Job Position creation

General settings for HR Management11_HR setting

12_Accounting setting13_Accounting setting screen 214_General setting



Working Schedule configuration

You can create working schedule very precisely with a start and end time for every days and chose a company in which this schedule is available and the starting date of your configuration:

15_create work schedule

Contracts Configuration

16_Create new contract

Employee details

17_Employee HR setting

Leave management

You can create Leave request with approval scenarios

18_Create leave request

Here is the calendar view with all Leave requests

19_Team Leave requestYou can create time sheets and assign work done on new customers:

20_Create new client

And add accounts to your customers:

21_Create account

Here is the new time sheet created for an employee:

22_New timesheet

And the summary of your time sheet

23_Timesheet edit

Expenses management

You can manage expenses related to a project

24_Expense creation

Payroll Management

Payroll rules can be configured in Salary structures tables

25_Salary structureHere is a basic salary rule

26_Salary rules 1

Each rule can have Child rules allowing cascading computation27_Salary rules 2 Children rules

Inputs can be added to a salary rule in order to add employee based variables. These inputs can be used in the salary rule configuration

28_Salary rules 3 Inputs

This is the basic Gross Salary rule. The computation can be a written in Python code. OpenERP offers multiple standard variables to simplify your payroll rules configuration.

29_Salary rules Gross

Here is the way to define how a contribution is calculated based on a tax grid:

30_Withholding tax with tax gridOne child rule with specific conditions to compute the salary rule

31_Withholding tax child rule

This is a range based on Gross pay for which a specific contribution is computed

32_Withholding tax range

Payroll process

Before the payslip can be calculated you need to review the number of worked days

33_Payslip Detail Worked days

Then you can review the salary computation

34_Payslip Detail Salary ComputationAnd review the details by Salary rule category

35_Payslip Detail Salary rulesThis is the details of the computation

36_Payslip Computation details

Once you agree with the calculation you can approve and then print the payslip in PDF format:

37_Payslip print



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