User experience has been improved for viewing and editing historical data in Employee Central module (SuccessFactors).

This is the general screen for Job Information history. As you can see the historical rows are shown at the left of the page at the same time then one detailed row beside. Users can easily switch from one row to another. All data changed in one historical row are mentionned directly in the history list.

Historical data SF V3
History data for Job Information
(1) List of all historical rows with summary of changes
(2) Selected historical row
(3) Effective date of selected historical row with all data

New data for a given historical row are in blue color and you can identify the previous values (with strike-through formatting). SF Job InformationHere the Job Information section with a Job Title change.



Data are identified with a comprehensive and customizable field label.

Field names, value names and codes.

Field names, value names and codes.
(1) Field names
(2) Value names
(3) Value codes

Values are shown with their value name and respective value code (in bracket) if controlled by a value list table or simply their value content (if text or numerical).




SF take action history V3For each historical row the “Take action” link allows you to correct the data, delete the row and review the approval History.


Here is an example of the “View Approval History” screen: SF View approval history V2










Insertion of new row is easy with the “Insert New Record” button: SF insert new record in history v4





When editing a new record you are always having reliable comments like the one below about position that should be held by only one person at a time. Previous values are shown when altering a field.SF Reclass event with comments and changes V4

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